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June 27th, Roosevelt Island's Big Push To Go Green

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June 27th, Roosevelt Island's Big Push To Go Green

On June 27th, environmental pioneer iDig2Learn stages a major push to go green on Roosevelt Island with Greening Our World, a free event from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. in the historic Chapel of the Good Shepherd on Main Street in the center of town.

"Throughout the year Islanders participate in eco-friendly one-off events like #EarthLove day, Clothing SWAP's, the Pumpkin Smash, massive plantings that restore pollinator habitat and the even the weekly Food Scrap Drop Off program for compost," iDig2Learn's founder Christina Delfico told The Daily

"Many building managers are active behind-the-scenes to reduce energy costs by creating green roofs, or painting roofs light colors to reflect heat, and even adding energy efficient co-generation systems.
RIOC is actively replacing street lighting with LED bulbs and recently created a phase one Green Map of free resources available to neighbors like clothing bins, e-cycle electronic waste boxes, and unused medication boxes for safe and convenient disposal of items no longer needed."

June 27th, Roosevelt Island's Big Push To Go Green

"So, it seemed like a good time to pull it all together and gather informally to share news and green strategies we have learned in our sphere of influence at home, school or business. So please join us for our first Green Meetup to meet each other and to share ideas on living a more sustainable and healthy life. Meet local experts from Big Reuse, our compost partner, and others actively working to make a difference."

iDig2Learn invites everyone to get on board in this gathering of community energies.

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