Sunday News from October 31st, 2019
Sunday News from October 31st, 2019
Courtesy of Judith Berdy and the Roosevelt Island Historical Society

Roosevelt Island historian Judy Berdy's eye out for quirky connections saw something startling in the Sunday News from October 31st, 1971. That was before any of us could have imagined we'd be living here in 2019 because most of us weren't born yet and the modern community hadn't even been imagined.

The article about three 150 year old anchors found in the East River was illustrated with a photo: Girl and Old Anchor.

That's interesting history, but what caught my attention was this: the anchors were found while workers dug a trench for the 63rd Street tunnel, the one that now carries F trains to and from Roosevelt Island.

And here's the kicker: "...the third anchor will be displayed at the Welfare Island subway station, which is now under construction."

In 1971?

The Roosevelt Island subway station opened in 1989, eighteen years and another community later.

Has anyone seen the display? What happened to the anchors?

Berdy dug in and found that the South Street Seaport Museum, which was supposed to get the other two, never saw theirs either.

Thanks to Judy Berdy, the rest of the story wasn't lost. 

But where are those anchors?