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May 18 iDig2Learn's Celebrating Roosevelt Island - Astronomy

Updated with Locations
Updated with Locations

iDig2Learn's educational series, Celebrating Roosevelt Island, moves on to astronomy with three planned nights of activities, beginning at sunset on May 13th, 14th, and 18th. However, May 13th and 14th has been cancelled because of poor weather conditions. It's free and open to the public for all ages.

"Roosevelt Island has clear views of the daytime and night sky. Join us for fun outdoor evenings as we use high-powered telescopes to view + learn more about the Sun, our Moon, Mars and other sights of our universe. Dates dependent on cloud cover. Look up and ​if the skies are clear​ we’ll be there on these evenings!"

Island location has not been selected yet but will announced on Twitter & Instagram after an astronomer visits and picks a spot, this week: Follow @obastronomy and @iDig2Learn

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