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iDig2Learn: Celebrating Roosevelt Island's Nature

Updated 2 weeks ago
iDig2Learn: Celebrating Roosevelt Island's Nature

iDig2Learn, an initiative to connect folks of all ages with wonders to be found outdoors, up close and personal, away from computer and TV screens, takes a step forward this year with an all new series, Celebrating Roosevelt Island's Nature, a summer long look at our most neglected treasures.

"We are proud to announce the upcoming iDig2Learn Series: Celebrating Roosevelt Island's Nature which will invite islanders of all ages to explore the island outdoors," said iDig2Learn founder Christina Delfico.

" Islanders are lucky to be surrounded by open green space, mature flowering trees, community and teaching gardens, estuary waters and vast sky, and this series will welcome the public to discover our natural treasures," she added. 

"Throughout a series of workshops and experiences islanders will learn how habitat supports life. For example, plants support butterflies, bees and birds and pollinators are vital to much of the fruit and vegetables we eat. 

"Plus our waters, land and air play a vital role in the health of all living things, including us. 

"So whether we are learning about our sun's role in life on earth, or how to grow our own micro-greens, or which plants welcome birds and butterflies come join us outdoors to explore together.  Look out for the iDig2Learn Series: Celebrating Roosevelt Island's Nature activities throughout the spring and summer.

One such event, Birding for Beginners, will include a series of workshops later this month.

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