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iDig2Learn Steps Up and Gets a Correction

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Christina Delfico demonstrating how to use a peephole during last year's solar eclipse.
Christina Delfico demonstrating how to use a peephole during last year's solar eclipse.
Roosevelt Island Daily file photo

In our story Why RIOC Must Throw Out Common Council Public Purpose Fund Recommendations, we included an award for iDig2Learn as one dedicated to children, the group's traditional base, but Christina Delfico, iDig2Learn's leader, corrected us.

Delfico gave us the text of her request to the Common Council which clearly states the grant would be used for all age groups, not specifically children:

Pending funding, iDig2Learn would serve island residents with eco-friendly nature-themed events, hands-on workshops, and educational experiences. The iDig2Learn Series: Celebrating Roosevelt Island’s Nature will offer multi-age workshops celebrating the island as an eco-treasure worthy of protecting.

Some example experiences include an expert led Eco Flora Project flora tracking workshop to promote citizen science, an arborist led tree care and identification experience, an expert led indoor winter seed starting planting activity to grow micro greens and promote food health awareness for adults, a farmer led workshop on growing unusual and healthy edibles, and a “Plant Stories” project that invites islanders to share their deep memories of a food plant or flower that holds meaning from their ancestral home or country to reveal our connection with plants and then share a meal together.

The series will have offerings for targeted age groups and include intergenerational mixed-age gatherings.

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