Vehicles Again Endangering Students and and Neighbors

At PS/IS 217, A Return to Bad Old Habits

Updated 1 year ago David Stone
Three vehicles block emergency access for hours at PS/IS 217, last week.
Three vehicles block emergency access for hours at PS/IS 217, last week.
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Nearly a year after outrage over PS/IS 217 nurturing of an enormous rat colony, partly because cars were allowed to park free in an emergency vehicle access lane and block Department of Sanitation trucks from picking up refuse, the school, widely recognized as Roosevelt Island's worst neighbor, is at it again.

Lost amid the tumult over PS/IS 217's rat colony last year was related anger caused by the school's encouraging parking in the emergency access lane between it and Manhattan Park buildings that have a higher than average population of elderly and disabled individuals.

The illegally parked cars, many with permission slips signed by school principal Mandana Beckman, courted disaster. In the event of an emergency, cars parked free would prevent ambulances and fire trucks from reaching the scene. Worst of all, they openly blocked children and teachers' ability to evacuate via the school's emergency exits, a circumstance made more acute by recent incidents of school violence.

After stiff resistance from Board of Education, only intervention by Mayor Bill de Blasio, who sent heavy equipment in,  was successful in destroying the rat colony.

Similarly, after four years of warnings, RIOC's Public Safety Department finally begin issuing tickets for cars endangering the safety of residents and school children, including Beckman's own SUV, according to reports.

Risks were lowered to acceptable levels, but as you can see from the photos above, PS/IS 217 is allowing illegal, unsafe parking again. These are not isolated incidents but consistent with past behavior at the school and were witnessed on three days, last week.

PSD has been notified and has promised to take action.

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