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Roosevelt Island Loves InstaVet

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Roosevelt Island Loves InstaVet

"We are a small team with a big vision to revolutionize pet care through the power of technology." So says InstaVet's mission statement, a message is uniquely suited to Roosevelt Island.


Roosevelt Island Loves InstaVet

When we moved to Roosevelt Island in the early 1990s, dogs were banned. It was renting's greatest drawback. Today, though, you can't walk the West Promenade without being treated to the sights of a variety of delightful canines.

Our cat population has likewise flourished, likewise birds, turtles, hamsters, etc.

But the blossoming of Roosevelt Island's pet population comes at a cost: our small enclave tucked into an isolated island in the big city lacks a veterinary office.

Let's face it. Health care's made more difficult by having to transport cats and dogs to the vets office or a clinic.

Fear increases when your pet's ill or injured, creating all sorts of problems from hiding to struggling to get them in carriers. And even after overcoming the obstacles, usually including a costly car service, you can spend hours soothing your pet in a stressful waiting room, wondering how much your bill's going to be.

We all have our stories.

But now, Instavet's here to help Roosevelt Island, setting up a virtual shop on Main Street, staffed 24 hours a day.

Too good to be true?

Without the genius of InstaVet's pet (and pet owner) sensitive approach, it is, but with caring service readily available without leaving home, care it's as easy as a trip to Nisi or Bread & Butter Market. More so, in fact.

Staffed by an experienced team of vets, Instavet's versatile approach meets needs for everything from well care to emergencies.


Call, chat with or email an available representative, anytime, day or night. Vets are always available for free consultations, upfront cost estimate or scheduling a visit in your home.

The sad truth is that difficulty in obtaining trouble-free vet service means some pets will go without vital care. Teeth and gums are neglected. Nails grow too long. Troubling signs of discomfort or illness go without professional observation.

All such situations are worsened by living in an isolated community without readily available health care.

Click anywhere for details
Click anywhere for details

With InstaVet, Roosevelt Island's isolated no more when it come to veterinary services.

24 hours a day you can call (917) 525 2579 or email support@instavet.com and find someone available. Or you might prefer a live chat, also always available.

You may need to plan something as simple as routine vaccinations, or maybe it's dental care. Instavet can help. 

Sometimes, as when a surgical procedure is called for, you may have to travel to one of InstaVet's partners, but even though those are exceptional circumstances, they're also always available.

Emergencies? Instavet's got that covered too, with a list of animal hospitals they recommend for caring professional care.

Insurances are accepted too.

No more obstacles to quality health care for you animal friends. Click here to take a look at InstaVet today.

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