Abrupt, Unannounced Closing

Has Bubble Cool Shut Down?

Updated 12 weeks ago David Stone
Bubble Cool, this week, undergoing renovations.
Bubble Cool, this week, undergoing renovations.
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When the wide front windows at Bubble Cool suddenly blocked views inside, brown paper hung from top to bottom, including the front door, shock waves rolled down Main Street over yet another empty storefront. Some said they saw it coming. But is the bubble tea business really closing?

"No, we will be doing renovations for two weeks," Shawn Zhang, Bubble Cool's owner told The Daily.

Hudson-Related's Alex Kaplan echoed Zhang: "They are just renovating."

Hudson-Related contracts with RIOC to develop Main Street retail.

Bubble Cool reopened after an earlier shutdown in November that followed a dispute with the Department of Health. They appeared to have scored at least a partial win, acquiring a Pending grade from DOH, even though its most recent inspection, early in November, listed several critical violations that would normally earn a C grade.

In defense of his store, at the time, Zhang vigorously argued that DOH's inspection was flawed.

How all that led to the current closing for renovations or whether it played into the action at all is unknown at this time, although we expect to have further conversations with Zhang.

In any case, the latest hole in Main Street retail is temporary, and with PupCulture opening on Monday, we should see a somewhat more vibrant scene as spring warms up.

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