After the War, a Vietnam Vet Returns to an Unchanged Home

"Is It Always A Love Story?" Serialized Novel

Updated 2 weeks ago David Stone
"Is It Always A Love Story?" Serialized Novel


Three things drive writing the long pieces of fiction called novels: finding readers, making money and creating a satisfying, but faked reality. Each is exciting in its turn. The last motivated me the most when I built, word after word, the story of a Vietnam vet returning home after two years, much more changed than his hometown could be.

But I'm serializing my book, Is It Always A Love Story, here for the same reasons I eventually published it, that is, the first two. Without readers, writings are puffs of smoke or less, flimsy and gone too soon. 

Chapter 1 is here. Each following chapter will be posted in sequence.

Chapter 2 Peter uneasily reunites with family and friends.

Chapter 3 Out of his past, Peter finds an uncomfortable fit with himself

Chapter 4 Late at night in the jungles of Vietnam, Peter recalls the most painful turning point of his young life.

Chapter 5 An evening get-together reminds Peter of unsettled relationships that separate him from a family he wants to love but with which he never feels fully connected.

Chapter 6 Peter recalls a crushing emotional blow that shook his rebellious self-reliance, challenging his ability to recover as an adult for the first time.

Chapter 7 Joining his war buddy Cal, Peter leaves Binghamton for Buffalo, escaping in hopes of losing himself in new hometown.

Chapter 8 Peter's fame explodes anonymously while he navigates his way through the background in daily life, hiding a crucial secret.

Chapter 9 Peter takes a new job selling life insurance but can't help losing Marilyn, his first girlfriend after the war.

You can find all of my books on my Amazon Author Page.

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