Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Financial Affairs

Meet John O'Reilly, Newest Addition to RIOC's Executive Team

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John O'Reilly joins RIOC as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Financial Affairs
John O'Reilly joins RIOC as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Financial Affairs
Photo credit: RIOC

When Kim Quinones resigned as the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation's Chief Financial Officer in August to return to the private sector, the State agency launched a search for her replacement. By December, RIOC President/CEO Susan Rosenthal had the successor she wanted to help navigate a tricky road ahead.

As RIOC enters a new year heavy with capital projects aimed at shoring up long neglected infrastructure along with new initiatives, Rosenthal hoped to find an executive accountant with experience dealing with construction.

She found that and more in John O'Reilly who's worked in various areas of executive management since graduating from Seton Hall in 1982.

"We're all excited he's joined us," Rosenthal told The Daily, "especially in light of our expansive capital plan and his significant construction experience."

With a budget submitted to the State for Fiscal 2019-2020 that includes a hefty $34,664,000 in capital improvements, RIOC needs a steady hand to oversee spending on an ambitious lineup of ventures.

"Categories of projects include sports fields and parks, historic and landmark structures, infrastructure improvements, facilities and offices, special projects, and the Tramway," RIOC's budget submission notes.

Add to that day-to-day expenses for running a 150 member agency charged with developing and maintaining a 12,000 resident community spread out over two miles of Manhattan schist.

O'Reilly has his work cut out for him.

Fortunately, his resumes speaks volumes about his abilities, having served for fourteen years as Divisional Chief Financial Officer of the Bulova Corporation, including negotiations for the company's sale to Citizen Watch.

O'Reilly followed that up with eight years as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at dck Worldwide Holdings. It's with dck that he gained much of his construction related experience.

Like most RIOC executives, O'Reilly settles in at a salary - $158,000 per year - considerably less than average for his profession.

And his extensive experience above and beyond the narrow bounds of finance make him an exceptional bargain. He managed both Human Resources and Information Technology departments for Pittsburgh law firm Leech, Tishman, Fuscaldo & Lampl, LLC, for example, as recently as 2017.

Roosevelt Island appears to be getting a bargain.


Following RIOC's December Board Meeting, where O'Reilly's hiring was approved, I found myself walking along with him on my way home as he headed for Motorgate.

I took advantage of the opportunity to probe his position of significant local issues. We shared, I found, a serious interest in the Yankees signing J. A. Happ to a three year deal. Anyone who follows baseball enough to be up on the current news long after the season ends passes the character test in my universe.

In a serious vein, we quickly agreed that the atrium and other public spaces around Motorgate can be better used to the benefit of Roosevelt Islanders and our visitors. 

All that in about five minutes. It was enough to make me look forward to appreciating our new CFO's contributions for years to come.

Reach out to welcome John O'Reilly, if you get a chance, as he begins his tenure at 591 Main Street.


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