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Karen Mann looked for change. It was time. She raised a family, ran her own search firm for 20 years and survived cancer. Fate lent a hand, and an unexpected encounter with Pilates took her in a life-changing direction. Today, Karen’s Pilates welcomes you to join her in finding a similar path for yourself.

“Pilates with Karen has improved my strength and flexibility. My body feels and looks much better. Besides, all these benefits, the class is great fun.
I love it….”
 Adriana S.

Developed nearly a century ago to rehabilitate soldiers during World War I, Pilates has been in continuous use since then.

Pilates is used to relieve lower back pain, improve posture and combat arthritis, and its versatility has made it popular as an exercise program taught around the world. It’s taught in ballet companies, athletic programs and even in the military. 

Groups may exercise together.
Groups may exercise together.
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“The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at it’s mercy.” —

Joseph Pilates, Founder.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are held in her studio, in a client’s home or in their gym.
“I will teach 2 clients (a duet) if requested."

"I suffer from stenosis and disc problems which makes walking difficult.  I took individual pilates classes with Karen Mann which  strengthened my core and back and made it less painful to walk, ice skate  and do other activities."  Larry P.

Group Classes

Held in her studio, classes are limited to 5 clients in each session which enables Karen to follow everyone closely.

Hands on hamstring stretch.
Hands on hamstring stretch.
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Classes are 4 days a week. “I am always adding more.”  A free introductory class is also offered.

Karen has been teaching Pilates since 2010. She invites you to share the journey that meant so much to her and others.

Karen's Pilates
Karen's Pilates
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How to contact Karen to ask any questions and get started…


Or call:   917-685-0321

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