David Stone

Future home of Liukoshui hot-pot restaurant.
Future home of Liukoshui hot-pot restaurant.
© David Stone / Roosevelt Island Daily

Hudson Related Retail LLC today announced the signing of hot-pot restaurant Liukoushui to a 10-year, 505 square foot lease at 568 Main Street. The location was most recently the home of a flower shop between Roosevelt Island Nails and a Child School entrance.

“Hailing from one of the great food capitals of China, Liukoushui is excited to bring Chongqing Hot Pot Noodles to the U.S.,” said Yiliana Wu, Assistant Project Manager of Liukoushui, in the press release. “Authentic flavors and signature dishes, such as our Spicy Chongqing Beef Noodles and Chun Chun, a traditional Sichuan Skewer, have been developed by us over many years."

Liukoushui Hot-Pot Restaurant To Add Flavor To Main Street Retail

Added Hudson Project Manager Alexandra Kaplan, “We are excited to add another eat-in dining establishment to the Main Street retail corridor and look forward to Liukoushui adding to the vibrancy of Roosevelt Island."

505 square feet is small for a restaurant, smaller than one-bedroom apartments here, but the press release says, "Visitors will be able to enjoy the increasingly-popular hot pot experience, where guests prepare food in boiling broth at their tables."

Although Hudson says the restaurant will open in less than three months, two other restaurants promised by the real estate developer, Onda, a Mexican restaurant, as well as a snack and wine bar, remain nowhere near opening, two years after they were announced.

With Riverwalk Bar & Grill now closed, Roosevelt Islanders are likely to welcome the variety as well as increased activity on Main Street.