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Liukoushui Hot-Pot: "This problem will not happen again..."

Updated 3 weeks ago David Stone
Window seating area at Liukoushui Hot Pot restaurant.
Window seating area at Liukoushui Hot Pot restaurant.
© David Stone / Roosevelt Island Daily

Five days after our report about a food service worker captured on video cutting meat in a garbage storage area behind Liukoushui Hot-Pot restaurant at 568 Main Street, a spokesperson reached out to The Daily as well as the Roosevelt Islander blog, acknowledging the violation and promising steps were being taken to insure it would not happen again.

Yilliana Wu Chang, an assistant project manager for Genesis Brand Management reached The Daily by email on Tuesday evening. The relationship between GBM and Liukoushui is not clear, although Chang was aware of our report and acting as a spokesperson.

"First of all," Chang wrote, "we really appreciate you bringing this to our attention and letting us know what was happening, hygiene and health code compliance is our top priority, we've already spoken to the store's manager and we've implemented all necessary measures to make sure this never happens again, all of our current and future employees will go through the proper training as many times as necessary to ensure all of our staff is highly qualified to handle food and provide the best quality service we wish to be known for."

(The Daily chose not to edit the poorly punctuated, run on sentence.)

"Not only will this problem not happen again, but we can also guarantee all the ingredients we use in our dishes are of the highest quality and are handled properly," she continued.

"As for the future, we wish to continue serving Roosevelt Island with great food and great service, constantly introducing new dishes and new products in our menu."

Without questioning the intention to make things right immediately at Liukoushui, we had a follow up question.

"Can you also tell me what the status is of your DOH situation? Their website has no information about the hot pot restaurant. It’s as if the restaurant is being operated illegally," was dashed off quickly while simultaneously paying attention to what was happening during RIOC's June Board Meeting.

Neither Chang or anyone else from GBM responded, but within 24 hours, an unusually unnamed restaurant suddenly appeared the Department of Health's Restaurant Inspection Results Guide.

Liukoushui is on DOH's radar for its first inspection now as is Jupioca in Riverwalk Commons and La Dolce Vita, which is expected to replace Bubble Cool at some future date.

This will be taken as good news by a number of residents who've expressed disappointment. A majority love the food served at the restaurant and are likely to go back if the promised improvements come through.

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