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FOUND! Lost Cat, Needs Home

Updated 35 weeks ago
Can you help this "gorgeous kitten" find a home?
Can you help this "gorgeous kitten" find a home?

Update: 4:00 p.m., July 15th - The lost cat has been found, claimed by his owner. A happy ending for all.

"A cat has been found outside The Octagon building last night," read the notice. Management's trying to locate the owner. It's a "black cat with green eyes." As veteran cat rescuers will tell you, this sweet, beautiful feline is as likely to have been abandoned as lost, a sad story that gets repeated on moving day too often.

While no one's sure how this cat got separated from the people who've cared for it, many cats are victims of a move to a place where pets aren't welcome. Instead of taking the trouble to find an appropriate home or rescue operation, people will leave an animal who's shared their love and affection - and come to depend on it - behind.

Every cat we've brought home was a rescue, and one, Sam, very likely, was a leave behind, found in an apartment in the Bronx, skinny, needy and frightened. It was a couple of years before he gained confidence that he'd not be left behind again.

Worse yet, another, Billy, was dumped outdoors as a kitten along with his sister. Both connected so readily with people, they'd certainly been part of a loving home, however briefly, learning to trust.

People do some weird things and, of course, not just with cats.

This cat needs your help.

If you have any information that can help hook this "gorgeous kitten," according to Wildlife Freedom Foundation's Rossana Ceruzzi, management at The Octagon would like to hear from you. Stop by the front desk.

One way or another, he's going to need a home. We're at capacity in our place, but if you have room for a playful, cuddly, beautiful companion, maybe you can love this little guy. First timers, you'll find the rewards of sharing your life with a cat greater than you imagine.

And black cats, I can guarantee after welcoming two into my family, are special, emotional, intense and loyal. Forget the bad luck myths. Mine have never brought anything buy memorable good times.

If you'd like to consider adoption, contact The Daily at Or get in touch with the Wildlife Freedom Foundation at

Thank you for any help you can offer in reuniting this "gorgeous kitten" with his family or finding him a new one.

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