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Lou Puliafito Challenges Rebecca Seawright in 76th Assembly District

Updated 21 weeks ago
Lou Puliafito at Roosevelt Island Subway with Reform Party Chair Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels.
Lou Puliafito at Roosevelt Island Subway with Reform Party Chair Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels.
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Friday morning, Reform Party candidate Lou Puliafito, challenging Rebecca Seawright as 76th District State Assembly Member, greeted Roosevelt Islanders at the F Train station. Below is his unedited statement in support of his candidacy.

We need voices of reason and understanding in Albany and in our city. The status quo is lowering our quality of life.

Hi, I’m Lou Puliafito and I am a native New Yorker that was born and raised in Yorkville. Family is my motivation. I am not a stranger to the pressures of everyday life and not a politician pandering to get elected. This election support and vote for me if you want to walk another path to governing and life in our district, city, and state.

We need to learn how to love our neighbor, which is an expression of care, responsibility, and understanding for one another. This Path challenges us to “REFORM” our hearts and minds to achieve a Decent Life for all.

We want to end corruption. We want to close the income gap. We want housing for all. We want to improve education. We want to pay less taxes. We want to assist the less fortunate. We have failed. Why?

It is only through assisting each other that we learn how to understand each other. Let our love demand our government, institutions, and laws to instill fairness and equality.

By serving others, we collaborate to sustain a decent life for all. Instead of “winning” a short-lived happiness by destroying others.

We must pass on a better world to our children. We must give our children their future back and stop borrowing from it!

Finally, as I am running, please seek public office. We need more people with love in their hearts and minds to replace the selfish and unempathetic politicians.

“Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.”
- Arthur Schopenhauer - Studies in Pessimism

“Repeal the Corruption Tax”

“The insatiable real estate industry is undermining the city’s communities and economy."

“MTA should focus all their resources on trains and buses running 100% ON TIME!”


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