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Lou Puliafito: I want your vote, Roosevelt Island

Reform Party Candidate for NYS Assembly, 76th District, Lou Puliafito
Reform Party Candidate for NYS Assembly, 76th District, Lou Puliafito
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Talking with Roosevelt Islanders, I’ve learned a very important thing: An isolated community needs elected officials committed to representing its interests, not those of the governor, RIOC or the political status quo. I'm Lou Puliafito, and I'm the Reform Party candidate for New York State Assembly, 76th District.

My opponent, your current New York State Assembly representative Rebecca Seawright, is a good politician, personable and easy to like. She shows up at most important functions, like Roosevelt Island Day and groundbreaking for the new Roosevelt Island Public Library.

But let me ask you this — when was the last time Assembly Member Seawright actually did something for you?

There were opportunities to help out.

  • When Governor Cuomo took a sledgehammer to hard-won democracy, refusing year after year, to fill vacant seats on the RIOC Board designated under the law to Roosevelt Islanders, nullifying local control, Assembly Member Seawright didn’t seem to notice.
  • When residents collected irrefutable evidence that RIOC was giving a free pass to a real estate company collecting submetering bills without meeting clearcut requirements in its ground lease, Assembly Member Seawright wrote a letter — to the real estate company. No pressure was put on RIOC or any State agency, all of them under her party’s control, to help residents who may have paid millions in improper billings.
  • Assembly Member Seawright joined Governor Cuomo in celebrating the opening of the Second Avenue Subway with its clean, gleaming surfaces and well-lit spaces. Meanwhile, our own Roosevelt Island Station is a tribute to filth and neglect, overcrowded in rush hour and peppered with unfinished repairs.
  • Just this year, drinking water unfit for human consumption was found in fountains at Roosevelt Island playgrounds and parks. It had gone on for decades. Neglect of the City water supply was the rule, not the exception. RIOC has steadfastly refused to issue a public notice about long term contamination or to alert residents about hazards to which they, their children and visitors were exposed. Assembly Member Seawright’s response? RIOC President Susan Rosenthal is doing a great job, she told a crowd gathered for the library groundbreaking. 

If this is the kind of representation you think Roosevelt Island deserves, please vote for my opponent.

Where to find me on the ballot on November 6th.
Where to find me on the ballot on November 6th.

But if you believe, as I do, that you deserve better, give me a chance to take on the corrupt Albany culture, giving you a voice and standing up as an opponent of the political status quo that’s left Roosevelt Island unrepresented for too long.

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