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Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance Goes Virtual

Updated 4 weeks ago
Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance Goes Virtual
File photo/courtesy Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance

It’s only been a month since the doors of the Roosevelt Island Cultural Center closed for classes but Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance keeps moving, despite the current social restrictions.


MST&DA launches their entire dance and theatre programming onto ZOOM, adjusting to limitations brought on by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Students now meet at their regular class times on ZOOM with their beloved instructors of Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Creative Movement, Tap, Capoeira, Ballroom, Belly Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Barre/Sculpt Fitness, Creative Drama, Intro to Children’s Theatre and Playmakers Preschool classes.

These interactive classes are supplemented by hundreds of instructional videos on the MST&DA YouTube Channel, made especially for the students by the instructors. This keeps students moving, having fun and staying connected.

MST&DA invites new students and Roosevelt Islanders to join classes open to new registrants (like adult fitness, toddler/preschool dance & theatre classes, and capoeira) and partake in this fun new way to learn interactively from professionals in their home! To learn more about available classes for new students, email


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In addition to offering virtual classes, the annual MST&DA Spring Dance Concert airs a live video event on Saturday, June 6th. It will be a compilation of all of the performance based dance classes, including toddlers to adults, performing choreography learned both in the studio and on ZOOM. MST&DA partners with Park Boulevard Productions, a top notch production company that works on Broadway events and throughout NYC and LA.

This partnership is groundbreaking for MST&DA, as they find a way to provide performance opportunities for the hundreds of dancers in the program. The live event will enable the dancers to deliver a performance to their families, friends and community, their usual audience, as well as making it available beyond the seats of the PS/IS217 Auditorium, which has traditionally been the location for the annual MST&DA Spring Dance Concert.

  • DATE: Saturday, June 6th
  • TIME: 4:00 p.m.
  • LOCATION: Vimeo

MST&DA’s long lasting Roosevelt Island non-profit organization has been offering theatre and dance training along with live performance opportunities for all residents of the Roosevelt Island community. To join a class and find out more about MST&DA, follow us on FACEBOOK: or email

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