David Lawson Denies Claiming to Represent the Common Council

Main Street WIRE Blog Forced To Take Down "RIRA" Column

Updated 31 weeks ago David Stone
Main Street WIRE Blog Forced To Take Down "RIRA" Column

Common Council Members objected when the Main Street WIRE blog published an item by RIRA VP David Lawson as a "RIRA Column," including its logo. The factual as well as grammatical error peppered article did not, they complained, represent Council sentiment or live up to its standards. President Lynne Strong-Shinozaki stepped up and got the record corrected.

Lawson denied submitting the article as representing Common Council sentiment.

“This is a personal view op-ed. But it is in line with the work we have been doing in the planning committee. I wanted to clarify a number of counter facts that I have seen passed on some blogs," he wrote to Shinozaki, according to a source familiar with Lawson and the Council.

WIRE editor Briana Warsing agreed to remove the RIRA logo, at Shinozaki's request, and changed it to an OpEd Island Observer article.

The WIRE, which does not admit mistakes, included a note at the end of the post saying it represented Lawson's "personal opinion," and corrected some, but by no means all, of the manifold factual and grammatical errors reported here.


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