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Still Following Me Around or the Briana Warsing Bypass

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A couple of weeks ago, I published Main Street WIRE Didn't Want Me, So Why Do They Keep Following Me Around? My fervent hope was that they'd go get their own ideas or, failing that, give me credit for the things that now make up most of what the "independent" newspaper does. While waiting to see if they copy me again (Of course, they did.), I recalled an earlier incident and decided to follow up on what I'm calling the Briana Warsing Bypass.

Looking North Along the Briana Warsing Bypass
Looking North Along the Briana Warsing Bypass
© David Stone / Roosevelt Island Daily

A worried resident at Octagon contacted me because a story written by Warsing in the WIRE alarmed her. According to Warsing, the City was going to tear up the park, picnic tables, grills, playground and all, behind Octagon to pull heavy equipment into the the worksite for Water Tunnel 3.

A little suspicious because... well, because it was Warsing, and she'd used an ancient map that looked like it'd been dredged up from a Revolutionary War shipwreck.

I was able to confirm that the City, which has been meticulously careful during this project, had no intention of destroying green space so many families enjoy and count on for recreation. You can read about it here.

Wouldn't you know it? Warsing repeated her story in the very next WIRE. Work on the Briana Warsing Bypass, she told readers, was set to begin in August.

I give you the October 19th southerly view of this "work."

South view: the Briana Warsing Bypass
South view: the Briana Warsing Bypass
© David Stone / Roosevelt Island Daily

Meanwhile In This Week's Main Street WIRE

It's said that imitation is the sincerest sort of flattery, but I'm not flattered.

From the October 14th Main Street WIRE:

  1. State Forces Cuts to RIYP Program. Okay, so everything from the headline to the end is peppered with errors and bias, we covered it here, three days earlier.
  2. Work Begins to Restore Historic Blackwell House. Our third article on the subject was published here, on September 25th.
  3. It's Time to Remove the Stigma of Mental Illness. Covered in The Daily on October 8th.
  4. Local Theater Helps Turn Dreams Into Reality. We covered it here on September 6th and here on September 24th when the events were current and coverage might help The Standards Sing: Steve and Eydie and Lotus Music and Dance sell some tickets, a practice we try to follow with all Main Street Theatre & Dance events. Note to WIRE: Covering events after they happen does less to help them than it does to help you bulk up advertising space.
  5. Contrast and Harmony at RIVAA Member Show was announced here on September 27th and promoted on the page and in our Daily Alerts to help draw the public to their Opening Reception on September 30th.

Oh, and they did have their exclusive, the snooze-worthy RIRA Column, the ads, of course, and another of Warsing's barely coherent rambling editorials about how RIOC isn't watching the Youth Center closely enough for her liking.

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