If you cooperate with the Main Street WIRE, read this...

A legal attack by the Main Street WIRE, its editor Briana Warsing and attorney Marc Jonas Block, has escalated after more than a year. The effort to shut down The Daily, intimidating friends and family, must be answered.

As of today, February 4th, 2019, anyone advertising with or otherwise supporting the Main Street WIRE will be assumed to be in partnership with the newspaper and/or weekly opinion blog and no longer eligible for appearing in The Daily in any form.

If you cooperate with the Main Street WIRE, you will not be allowed to advertise in The Daily nor will your company, organization or other group be promoted, including in our calendar of events and daily alerts.

By cooperating, we mean paying for advertising with the WIRE, contributing columns or participating in feature stories.

Our decisions will not be reviewed and are permanent, even if the WIRE goes out of business, as expected.

We realize this is a drastic measure, but serious, ongoing threats to our livelihood and acts of intimidation against friends and family force our hand.