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Campaign To Rid Roosevelt Island of PS/IS 217 Principal Mandana Beckman

Peter McCarthy

A campaign, apparently by frustrated residents determined to see the last of PS/IS 217 Principal Mandana Beckman, hit the streets on Roosevelt Island, last weekend, with posters taped in multiple locations. So far, the leaders are anonymous, which should come as no surprise to those of us who watched critics of her rat colony get publicly trashed last spring.

Campaign To Rid Roosevelt Island of PS/IS 217 Principal Mandana Beckman

"Beckman you have to go" follows a theme we inaugurated at The Daily, last year, after Beckman created a "severe crisis" with a rat colony nurtured at her school and brought negative national attention to our community.

A Matt Drudge follower on Twitter compared the rats to our children.

After local television news reports and print media that crossed the Atlantic got us recognition we never wanted, Beckman refused to apologize or accept responsibility, even though she was fully aware of the rat colony as it spread to neighboring complexes and even onto the school playground.

Instead, the Principal blamed Manhattan Park, the Department of Sanitation and what she characterized as a rodent infested Roosevelt Island.

The always handy for propaganda Main Street WIRE gave her all the space she wanted to make her case. WIRE Editor/Publisher Briana Warsing's children attend the school as does the child of Managing Editor Kelly Turner, who also serves as a PTA officer, but the WIRE never disclosed the conflicts.

Campaign To Rid Roosevelt Island of PS/IS 217 Principal Mandana Beckman

"Of course," commented one resident, "you get public expression like this when the WIRE quashes it, and the parents network quashes it, and the PTA quashes it."

Last spring, parents who expressed concerns about the growing rat colony at the school, later called a "severe crisis" by the Health Department, were attacked as "morons" by others affiliated with the PTA's defense of Beckman and the rats.

Frank Farance, who brought Beckman's rat metropolis to the community's attention, Rick O'Conor, publisher of the Roosevelt Islander blog where Farance posted rodent photos, and me were assaulted as "impotent old white men" by racist trolls who made no bones about being in league with the PTA and the Main Street WIRE.

The trolls went on to try to drive off advertisers at the Roosevelt Islander and The Daily. WIRE Editor Kelly Turner joined them, flagrantly posting what she either knew or should have known was a lie.

No one yet has come forward to take credit for the posters. They were not the work of Frank Farance or anyone at The Daily

Get ready for a predictable condemnation that will be accompanied by another defense of Beckman in this weekend's WIRE. An article by Warsing is already in progress.

But many are delighted to see abused residents speak up - and loudly - against the status quo, demanding that Beckman not be allowed to cause any more damage here. 

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