David Stone
Regional Manager Steven Simanowitz on the job at Roosevelt Island Urgent Care.
Regional Manager Steven Simanowitz on the job at Roosevelt Island Urgent Care.
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Steven Simanowitz explains his passion for helping people simply: ”You meet people on the worst day of their lives, and you’re able to help them. It's one of the greatest feelings in the world.” Simanowitz is Regional Manager for Kåmin Health, working out of their Roosevelt Island Urgent Care operation at 520 Main Street. Spiritually, professionally and practically, he's built for the job.

A native New Yorker born in Flushing, Simanowitz earned a bachelor's degree in Marketing Management from Touro College, but he believes he's been called in multiple directions.

Even now, as he uses his business training to help Kåmin expand its young network of urgent care centers, he spends off the job hours volunteering as an emergency medical technician, using skills learned during two years with New York City's Emergency Medical Service.

Without hint of a frown, he recalls getting out of bed, leaving meals behind and friends alone to respond to calls he's committed to answering as a volunteer.

"I love what I'm doing," he says.

That includes making a difference for Roosevelt Island Urgent Care.

"It's still a work in progress," he adds, aware of the challenge for RIUC, which welcomed visitors to its Grand Opening just a year and a quarter ago. "We're constantly trying to bring awareness."

Brought to the job four months ago, hired because his skills as an EMT combined with his business training made him a perfect fit, Simanowitz was instrumental in developing the motto he wants Roosevelt Islanders to understand.

"Your health care, your island, your schedule..."

With both Doctors Jack Resnick and Katherine Grimm now relocated with offices inside 520 Main Street, the location is the only medical facility on Roosevelt Island.

The theme, then, for Urgent Care: "We’re here for you alone."

And although RIUC stresses that all you need do is "Just walk in," no appointment necessary, Zocdoc.com users can make an appointment online at any time with Urgent Care Specialist Doctor Arthur Kornblit, if preferred.

RIUC is an important and valuable addition to our isolated community. New arrival Steven Simanowitz in here to expent their welcome to us.