David Stone
September Challenge: Mindfulness Meditation, Me vs Lisa Fernandez

After our controversial battle for fitness supremacy, last month, I challenged CBN/RI Senior Center Director Lisa Fernandez to go head to head - or mind to mind, if you will - in a dual of mindfulness meditation on September 17th. Who can become more mellow, centered and altogether peaceful?

Every Monday morning at 9:30, seekers of inner peace escape stress by going over to the Roosevelt Island Senior Center, 546 Main Street, for Mindfulness Meditation and Relaxation with Prafullla, a deep dive into a dose of mindfulness meditation and relaxation.

"Mindfulness meditation is a powerful and ancient meditation technique that is proven to help reduce stress, alleviate anxiety and depression, and even help with pain and illness," according to the blog mindvalley.

Prafulla's technique includes guided breathing - the core of meditation practice - and "laughter therapy."

Even if you stink at meditation, who's going to object to laughter?

On the 17th, Lisa and I will see who laughs last, is the most mellow and stays awake longest.

We invite you to join us in taking a giant step into a happier, healthier life.