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The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market will be open today but moved back to Good Shepherd Plaza.
The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market will be open today but moved back to Good Shepherd Plaza.
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Today, Saturday, March 21st, 2020, will be like no other. When we look back for the last day that looked anything like normal, this will be it. Tomorrow, it's a new normal. Here's a summary.

Mayor de Blasio has issued specific guidelines for New York City, beginning Sunday evening at 8:00. Click the PDF attached below for the full list.

First, what's open?

Starting with the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market. It moves to Good Shepherd Plaza, and as far as we know, they will continue there. But nothing is certain. Scrap Food Drop Off also moves to the Plaza, but social distancing is in effect. And sadly, according to Christina Delfico, this is their last day due to the coronavirus crisis.

Roosevelt Island's Saturday of Change Like No Other

Salute Foodtown, Wholesome Factory and Bread & Butter Deli, all of which remain open and remarkably well-stocked under the circumstances. Policies to protect the rest of us from hoarders are in place where possible.

Foodtown will soon announce special offerings for savings until the food supply chain allows them to renew their Weekly Circular. Watch for that, this week. But their Spring Savings offer is already active.

Roosevelt Island's Saturday of Change Like No Other

Special note for Foodtown: Please prioritize the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday for our senior citizens and immune compromised neighbors to shop. It will be greatly appreciated.

Food on the fly...

A salute goes out to Nisi, Subway, Piccolo Trattoria and the café at Cornell Tech, all of which have stayed open so far for takeout and delivery. Nisi is now cashless. Closed temporarily: Liukoushui Hot Pot, China One and Fuji East.

Pup Culture has also shutdown temporarily and will be followed by others on Monday as Governor Andrew Cuomo's statewide stay-at-home guidelines go into effect to stem the coronavirus spread.

Also open...

East and West Promenades and all our parks. Exercise helps sustain your immune system. Social distancing of six feet is required as are special cautions, like face masks, for anyone over 70.


RIOC stands tall in keeping Red Buses circling and the Tram in operation. No changes are expected, except that all are now on weekend schedules -- 15 minute intervals -- at all times.

Local MTA buses, including the Q102, are now free. (Thanks for the tip, Sylvan Klein.) You must enter through the back door and leave the first three rows of seats empty to protect the drivers. SBS buses still require the regular curbside fare payment, rear doors entry only.

Conclusion: A Special Request

The Roosevelt Island Daily applauds our community for its spirit and cohesive consideration of others. That will be tested in the coming weeks as severe restrictions chafe. Freedoms taken for granted will be gone.

But we have faith that we will all stay good neighbors and respect the rights of others. Food and paper supply hoarding should stop immediately without forcing store owners into action, and helping our neighbors should always be on our minds.

We all have neighbors who are frail or elderly or physically restricted. Check on them, keeping a safe distance, of course, when you can. Run errands, etc. that make it easier for them to stay safely indoors. Warm up the telephone lines and get those emails flying.

Stay in touch. Figuratively. Six feet away, minimum.

And remember, at worst we are at our best, and we are all in this together.

  1. New Guidance for New York City, March 22nd, 2020 (98.02 KB)