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Job Posting: Replacing Trellis, Nisi Is Hiring Special People

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Job Posting: Replacing Trellis, Nisi Is Hiring Special People

As the opening date for a "spectacular dining experience" nears, Nisi owners Kaie and Alex Razaghi are staffing up. Wanting their new restaurant to own as much of a hometown stamp as Trellis had, they're looking for local residents to bring energy and skills to the family business.

If ever there was a place Roosevelt Islanders thought of as their own, the place where everyone was instantly familiar and the feel distinctly local, it was Trellis.

Closed more than three years now, its reopening hobbled by a series of unexpected setbacks and bad luck, the Razaghi family business opens its doors soon as Nisi.

Early this week, Kaie Razaghi told me he hoped to have everything up and running by the end of this month. All the major hurdles are past, the gas is on and workers are visible inside every day.

Now, it's all about the immediate details. Soon to be chief among them, hiring a new staff that will work together as a unit to deliver that "spectacular experience" to old friends who've been waiting and newcomers who will be welcomed.

As you can see from the sign in their window, Kaie and Alex Razaghi are looking for community members to share their enthusiasm. Hiring a team that's "passionate, energetic and experienced" is their goal. 

Contact them at Attach your resume, cover letter and any other information showing your qualifications - and your excitement.

Quick note. A comfort zone with computers is important because Nisi will rely on a modern, digital point of sale system to serve as a backbone for keeping track of the business.

As the sign says, Kaie and Alex Razaghi are eager to "see you soon."

Kaie Razaghi talks about the journey to opening Nisi:


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