David Stone
Local officials join Kaie & Alex Razaghi at Nisi opening, last November.
Local officials join Kaie & Alex Razaghi at Nisi opening, last November.
© David Stone / Roosevelt Island Daily

"We launched our new menu today," Nisi/Trellis owner Alex Razaghi tells The Daily. "It is a combination of all the classics we used to have as Trellis as well as certain dishes that have been a hit with our original menu as Nisi." It's a big, best of both worlds win for Roosevelt Island.

Razaghi makes it clear that customers come first, and they are listening.

"After many requests from island residents and loyal customers we have been working around the clock to change our menu and revert to a diner format," he explained. You can see the new menu by clicking here. Or click to download your own copy below.

When Nisi opened, after a three plus year absence, last fall, it replaced the iconic Trellis with a whole new look and dynamic menu. That menu has been changed nine times in those five months as the Razaghis worked to find the right combination for customers, new and old.

But although the new menu is an exciting response to community desires, it's not going to be static or stale.

"It is our goal to never become complacent with our food or our service, but to gradually keep improving every day," adds Razaghi. "With the support of our community as well as regular feedback, Nisi will keep transforming for the better."

Typical of the commitment Trellis/Nisi's owners have always shown toward the Roosevelt Island community, Alex Razaghi closes out his message, "We are forever grateful for all the support and we look forward to seeing you at Nisi!"

That, we believe, is what it takes to be successful here on Main Street.

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