Nisi Breaks Modern Without Losing Their Roots

At Nisi: New (and Old) Breakfasts on Roosevelt Island

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At Nisi: New (and Old) Breakfasts on Roosevelt Island
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When Nisi opens on Monday morning, your choices for breakfast are rich with new Modern American temptations, but the traditional foundations remain. Here's what to expect from Kaie and Alex Razaghi's new restaurant at 549 Main Street.

Nisi's New Modern American Menu Adventures

I already have a favorite.

Since moving to New York over twenty-five years ago, we gave up on weekend breakfasts out, settling into a tradition of bagels, hot coffee and jazz at home. But Nisi's new menu may change our habits.

The reason: Avocado Toast Sliders - Tree different sliders on one plate - Lemon guacamole w/ tomatoes & a nutty pesto drizzle \ Smoked Salmon & pickled red onions \ Bacon & hardboiled egg

Look, I could never pull that off at home, but I still want it. Hold the bacon, of course, but there's only one path to this happiness. And it's Main Street, Roosevelt Island.

There's more.

How about a Breakfast Burger, or Nisi Breakfast Tacos? Health nuts like me can dig into a Farro Breakfast Bowl, which includes my minimum daily requirement of yogurt in the midst of treats like a "fire kissed tomato."

Tired of he same old, same old? Predictability ends here.

But you don't have to give up old time favorites.

Nisi's Traditional Breakfasts

Trellis's creative first cousin retains the mainstays we always loved, starting with an Omelet Your Way, where you pick what gets stirred inside, making way for Three Eggs Any Style and two different kinds of Eggs Benedict and keeping the action going with five, yes, five choices of Pancakes or Waffles and four variations on French Toast. 

(Spoiler alert: one of the variations on French toast is Cap'n Crunch.)

Beverages include all the expected favorites, coffees and teas with a couple of surprises, like Nutella Hot Chocolate. Traditional juices are ready and waiting, but even here, you catch the unexpected - chocolate milk on the menu.

Sides extend from Turkey Sausage to Skirt Steak with stops for fruit, potatoes and, get this, Edamame Sweet Potato Hash

What to Expect at Nisi: Prices and Service

A menu as extensive and varied as this one has prices to match. You can get a bowl of oatmeal with a choice of three ingredients for just $5.00 or you can live large with Fish out of Water, a mouthwatering offer of smoked salmon, hard boiled egg and more on a potato pancake with dill and caper infused mayo for $15.00.

It's simple. There's something for every taste and price range. Genius.

Service may be a little bumpy at first as a new POS-trained staff learns to work as a team, but given the owners' decades of experience, any wrinkles ought to smooth out fairly quickly.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited about having such a dynamic new option coming our way. That Kaie and Alex figured out how to pull it off without losing the traditional touches of a home Roosevelt Islanders love is a bonus.

See you there.

Bon appétit!

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