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Let's Do Lunch at Nisi Roosevelt Island

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Lunch Menu at Nisi on Roosevelt Island
Lunch Menu at Nisi on Roosevelt Island

Yesterday, we covered Nisi's breakfast menu, one filled with innovations but made solid with tradition. Today, we're doing lunch.

How Nisi Stacks Up for Lunch on Roosevelt Island

If it's burgers you love, Nisi's got 'em, ten in all, and in a variety and attention to taste and good health that makes most other places look like whatever inspired McDonalds, all those years ago.

Sure, top of the list is a Classic Cheeseburger. You've got to do that because every family and group has at least one cheeseburger addict, probably more than one.

But for those of us who've opted for the dietary freedom breakout generations of diners demanded, you can also find a Thanksgiving Burger.

You guessed it, a turkey burger, but with a Nisi twist - it's topped with stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy.

Adventurous eaters will want to take a shot at the Feta Stuffed Lamb Burger.

But you won't want to miss powering down a Chili Cheeseburger Wrap either, a sandwich that gets it right two ways.

...And Then You Get Plates

Few menus are laid down on the table in front of you with genuinely fresh humor, but you can't miss it when you scroll down the Plates column and find Bird on Board. Your basic fried chicken parks cozy with rosemary waffles to give you something like the balance healthy eating experts used to preach.

Of course, you've got some beloved favorites.

A Shrimp Po Boy takes me back to muggy Sunday in New Orleans, and there's plain old Fish & Chips, except they're not plain or old but beer battered Alaskan cod with "hand cut twice cooked French Fries w/ lemon caper tartar sauce.

Many of us will wander back up the list to the top: Deconstructed Philly Cheesesteak. It's just what it says, sort of.

And Small Plates

An outstanding feature of Nisi's Lunch and Dinner Menus is a New York rarity, a list of small plates for less ambitious appetites. This a great deal for grownups who want to bring children along without paying for full size meals that won't be eaten.

And the choices are good: Nisi Nachos, Grilled Octopus, Buffalo Wings, Hot & Sweet Chicken Lollipops, etc. Like every other menu feature at Nisi, there's lots of great choices that match up with most tastes.

Oh, and there's also a soup of the day, in both large and small sizes.

Main Course Salads

Five salads round out the Lunch Menu, each a creative variation on the idea of greens in a bowl. 

You can plunge fork and knife into a Greek Pasta Salad, nutritiously great for calorie restricted diets. A Tri Color Beet Salad pulls itself together with, among other things, apple and goat cheese.

Carnivores get their mouths watering with a STK Salad, a charbroiled skirt steak as its centerpiece.

Good eatin'!

Tomorrow, we'll hit the dinner table. 


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