MTA Surprise / RIOC Disappointment

No F Trains at Roosevelt Island This Weekend, Alternatives Announced

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F Train Platform on Roosevelt Island, Lonely This Weekend
F Train Platform on Roosevelt Island, Lonely This Weekend
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Overcrowding and limited Tram service get worse this weekend as the MTA shuts down all F Trains for Roosevelt Island, beginning around midnight on Friday and continuing until 5:00 a.m. on Monday. Late yesterday, RIOC announced limited help for residents.

Alternatives for Roosevelt Island F Trains This Weekend

F Trains reroute along the E Line, skipping Roosevelt Island in both directions this weekend, while the MTA concentrates on electrical upgrades. Alternatives include a tepid response from RIOC, late yesterday.

Your choices, starting around midnight Friday:

  • MTA shuttle buses run between the Roosevelt Island subway station and Queens Plaza, where you can catch an R, E or rerouted F Train. (No 7 Trains into Manhattan, this weekend), with a stop at the 21st Street/Queensbridge Station. No word on shuttle frequency from the MTA.
  • The Tram can get you to 2nd Avenue and back, but it's likely to be jammed with long lines. 
  • RIOC, where they seem to have been caught off guard, says they will operate limited shuttle services between the Roosevelt Island Tram Plaza and Second Avenue between 11:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Many Islanders will find this disappointing, given RIOC's initial promise to be highly alert and responsive to transportation issues while Tram platform repairs severely limit service to and from Second Avenue. As with the Memorial Day debacle, physically challenged and elderly residents are likely to be left high and dry.
  • NYC Ferry operates on a normal weekend schedule, serving landings in Queens and Manhattan.
  • The Q102 is a better option than most folks realize. It gets you to the Queens Plaza subway station (R, E and rerouted F Trains) in about five minutes from the Roosevelt Island Bridge.
We will keep this page updated with any changes. And you can call RIOC at 212-832-4540 for local updates, although their offices will be closed all weekend. After hours, try Public Safety at 212-832-4545 or 212-832-4547.


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