Wind & Rain & F Train Rerouted

Going Somewhere, This Weekend? Prepare for Complications

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Last November, Tram crowding in rainy weather... may make the Subway seem "nice."
Last November, Tram crowding in rainy weather... may make the Subway seem "nice."
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A bad weather weekend will be complicated by signal modernization work on the F Line weakening our vulnerable public transportation options. It may be nothing more than annoying, as long as you're ready for it.

First, the storm.

The nor'easter, even enhanced by trivial leftovers from Hurricane Willa, isn't expected to be above average as such storms go. No "bomb cyclone," this time around.

That it's happening while outdoor Halloween festivities are planned makes it more depressing.

RIOC's annual Halloween Parade and the Saturday Farmers Market have already announced cancellations.

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Rain starts late tonight, increasing in intensity and wind by morning. Some gusts above 40 miles per hour are possible along the coast. On Saturday, embedded thunderstorms may rumble through.

But no serious damages are likely. The nor'easter's more likely to be a pain than anything else.

Why its complicated... 

RIOC's acted quickly to cancel what looked to be the most miserable, rain-soaked Halloween Parade ever and did so in time to adjust, moving its "Extravaganza" events from Capobianco Field to Sportspark, 250 Main Street. Kids can still have some good, clean fun, costumes and all, from 12:30 to 3:00.

But for many of us, travel will be hampered by the MTA's rerouting southbound F Trains after Roosevelt Avenue in Queens along the E Line until Rockefeller Center. That leaves us with only the Tram as a direct route into Manhattan's big island, and that's where the storm increases the inconveniences.

High winds and thunderstorms can shut down the Tram, and those events are unpredictable, making the Tram less reliable. (RIOC announced express buses between Good Shepherd Plaza to Sportspark during the Halloween "Extravaganza," but typically failed to do anything to help residents likely to be isolated by the storm.)

So, here are your best options, unless the storm fizzles, as it might, and the Tram runs like always, crowded but reliable.

Because it's less subject to stormy weather, the subway's your best, if less convenient alternative. You can hop on a Queens bound F and take it out to Roosevelt Avenue, a major junction where numerous lines meet.

Once there, you have your choice of lines into Manhattan, including the F, E, N & R. It's going to take you 15 to 20 minutes longer than normal, but you'll get where you want to go. 

Northbound F Trains into Queens are running normally all weekend.

Your second best option is the Q102 bus, which takes you to Queens Plaza, in about five minutes, and a host of subway and bus transfer options. That however requires standing in the rain for most stops and probable delays from congestion caused by rain and increased car traffic.

By Sunday, some sun peaks through, winds decrease, and as a high settles in the mid 50s, we'll do what New Yorkers always do - get on with our business, leaving yesterday's bad weather behind.


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