Soundview Route Opens and Midtown Shuttle Buses Run More Frequently

Wednesday, NYC Ferry Changes Schedules for Roosevelt island and More

Updated 27 weeks ago
NYC Ferry Astoria Route serves Roosevelt island
NYC Ferry Astoria Route serves Roosevelt island
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Wednesday, August 18th, is a big day for NYC Ferry. It's new Soundview Route opens, bringing service to The Bronx for the first time. The Astoria Route, serving Roosevelt Island, is being adjusted at the same time.

"In an effort to provide more reliable service and a better experience for our riders, we revisited some of our schedules and made some modifications to the South Brooklyn and Astoria routes in order to reduce slip congestion and maximize transfer options for all our routes," a NYC Ferry source announced.

Click for details.
Click for details.

As we reported in March, the new routes open up new, easy to reach neighborhood venues for Roosevelt Islanders out to explore the city.

Check out the revised Astoria Route schedule here.

"Also, in anticipation of the Soundview and Lower East Side route launches (which will both stop at E. 34th Street), we are increasing the frequency of the midtown shuttle bus, starting on Wednesday, August 15th."

See a map and the full bus schedule here

Midtown shuttles during morning peak periods will depart E. 34th St. every 11 minutes.

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