Astoria Route Thru Roosevelt Island to Wall Street

August 29th: Firm Date for The Roosevelt Island Ferry

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August 29th: Firm Date for The Roosevelt Island Ferry

“Roosevelt Island has waited generations for ferry service which will finally arrive this summer,” declared Council Member Ben Kallos who joined Mayor Bill de Blasio in the announcement, adding, “After so many years of advocating for ferry service for Roosevelt Island, it is hard to believe it is starting this summer."

It is. A schedule has been released and you can buy tickets today.

At or around 6:40 a.m. on Tuesday August 29th, the first NYC Ferry from Astoria will arrive at the landing already under construction along the East Loop Road near Firefighters Field.

Check the schedule and buy tickets to ride here.

With the Astoria landing completed in July and Roosevelt Island along with a new Long Island City site in Gantry Park in progress, the newest line in the system will extend to Wall Street with a 34th Street stop on the way. (Transportation into Midtown is available at 34th Street.)

For the cost of a subway ride, $2.75, you'll be able to board the Astoria Line with connections to a system enabling you to travel by water all the way out to the Rockaways on a single fare. Transfers to the MTA system of subways, railroads and buses are not included.

“RIOC is very excited to have NYC Ferry connected with Roosevelt Island, providing an additional mode of transportation for our commuters, especially as our Island’s population increases. What a picturesque way to go to work," chimed in President/CEO Susan Rosenthal. "We look forward to our first trip!”

Ferries have snack options available, and depending on your personal state of the moment, you can also wrap your fingers around a cup of coffee or a container of wine.

Free WiFi will soon be up and running on all boats.

"This brand new and wildly popular system..."

At the same time, Mayor de Blasio announced that his signature "...brand new and wildly popular system" boarded its one-millionth passenger yesterday, a month ahead of original forecasts. NYC Ferry routes serve "transit-starved neighborhoods" as well as relieving some pressure on mass transit under duress from record high demand.

For Roosevelt Island, this means some relief for commuters challenged by repairs to the Tram and an often near capacity subway stop as schools reopen and vacation season ends.

But it also means vastly improved access to Long Island City's string of parks with picnicking and playgrounds and on to beaches on the Atlantic shore. 

The Ferry joins the opening of Cornell Tech in making the summer of 2017 one of the most memorable in Roosevelt Island history, events that will fundamentally change the tone and perceptions of our unique piece of rocky landscape stretched down the East River from Hell Gate to Midtown.

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