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As Flu Season Worsens, the City Health Dept. Steps Up Guidance

Updated 49 weeks ago David Stone
Virus under a microscope
Virus under a microscope

With two New York City kids known dead from the flu already, Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett stepped up awareness in a press conference at the Gotham Center in Long Island City. (Click here for video of the presentation.)

Lamenting that many New Yorkers are still not getting flu shots, putting others including children and the elderly at risk, Bassett said, "We lose more people to influenza and pneumonia every year than any other infection. In 2015, the most recent year for which we have data available, 2,094 New Yorkers died of influenza and pneumonia."

(Get quick tips for Roosevelt Island here.)

Most of those who die are over 65, but dozens of children have already succumbed nationwide this season.

"This particular virus that we're seeing this year, the H3 and 2 virus, is a wily virus," Bassett reported.

With over 6% of emergency room and clinic visits currently related to the flu, Roosevelt Islanders are reminded that Roosevelt Island Urgent Care, 520 Main Street, directly across from RIVAA Gallery and Rivercross, is a walk in facility. No appointments are necessary.

Regional Manager for the community's only medical facility Steven Simanowitz tells The Daily that they are well-stocked with flu vaccine and waiting times are short.

Call (646) 977-7974 if you have any questions.

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