Resolved But Extends Delay

One More, Minor Setback for Octagon Field

David Stone
Last summer, pickup soccer at Octagon Field.
Last summer, pickup soccer at Octagon Field.
© David Stone / Roosevelt Island Daily

Those of us hoping to see swift action in getting Octagon Field repaired and reopened quietly suffered a temporary setback, last week. It's been resolved, but no delay can ever be reversed.

Two weeks back, we reported that a plan was in place for moving ahead with replacing artificial turf on Octagon Field. We expected the first step, tearing out the old carpet, essential to assessing the complexity of work to follow, to happen soon.

It didn't. We went back to RIOC to find out why.

Because of the unusual nature of the project and inherent difficulty in finding minority or women owned businesses to fill a mandated quota for subcontracting, we were told by an official, a waiver of the requirement was needed.

But the State shot the request down. 

Last Wednesday, however, the State relented, granting the waiver, after all. 

But at least two weeks in a critical process were lost. 

No additional roadblocks seem to be lurking, and RIOC still hopes to reopen the field in the fall.


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