by Jane Underwood

A man in Oklahoma has stolen the thunder from Florida Man, a sensational Internet personality known for creating unusual headlines. In true Florida Man fashion, this Oklahoma man was found in a stolen car, carrying more than a few nefarious possessions.

A Standard June Day

It was a typical day on June 26 when police stopped a vehicle in Guthrie, Oklahoma, for a routine traffic stop. The exact reason behind the stop was an expired registration tag, however, what the police found was much more than a neglectful vehicle owner. A standard license plate check let officers know the car was stolen, and that the driver, Stephen Jennings, had no license or insurance for the vehicle. 

A Standard Arrest Became Less than Routine

As Jennings was being detained for vehicle theft, no license, and no vehicle insurance, he informed officers that there was a gun in the glove box. This led police to further search the vehicle, where they found a pet rattlesnake in a terrarium and radioactive uranium. An open bottle of whiskey was found, as well. A female passenger in the car was arrested for being near the gun, as she had a previous felony record. She is currently being held at the jail pending her own court dates. 

The Items Add Up - or Do They?

Jennings was arrested, of course, for having these dangerous items, and is awaiting sentencing on stolen vehicle charges, but not on the other, more obvious charges. The charges for possessing a dangerous animal were dropped because it is snake season in Oklahoma, and Jennings had proper hunting licenses for its possession. Snake season is during the summer, when individuals with the proper permissions are allowed to safely capture and remove snakes that may harm humans. Further, the uranium had low levels of radiation, and its equivalent is found for sale on Amazon. This makes its possession legal. Jennings was fortunate to avoid these charges on top of the serious stolen vehicle arrest. 

Explaining It All, But None of It

Officers asked Jennings what he was doing with the items, and he quipped that he planned to create a super snake. He then claimed to collect metal scraps for resale, which is a common activity among America’s poorer citizens. He said he pulled the uranium from a rod used for extraction of the substance that he obtained through scrap collection. 

Oklahoma Man Squaring Off Against Florida Man

Florida Man is a famous American moniker for Floridian news stories depicting unusual human activity. An example is the story of the Florida couple who sold tickets to Heaven in exchange for cash, and even traded one ticket for an alligator. Jennings provided stiff competition for Florida Man. This strange story has American comedians asking what kind of party they were planning to attend. Jennings created a strange story from Oklahoma that heightened the weirdness factor. Florida Man will have to increase the strange activity to surpass this shocking story from America’s Midwest. 

Jane Underwood is a freelance contributor to The Daily.