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Oppose the Brooklyn-Queens Connector

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Streetcars in North America
Streetcars in North America
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According to an article in the New York Times, slanted to support it with little effort at balance, the Brooklyn Queens Connector is moving forward. It's a bad idea, not just for Roosevelt Island, but Brooklyn and Queens, wasting money when better options are available.

Now that the di Blasio administration has recruited Adam Giambrone, known across the Internet as the "Canadian Anthony Weiner," a commitment is solid for pushing the Brooklyn Queens Connector, a streetcar line connecting Astoria, Queens, with Sunset Park, Brooklyn, that mostly answers the siren call of real estate developers. At everyone else's expense.

As we wrote in a June 7 article, How Will These Transit Options Affect Roosevelt Island?, of all options available, the Connector is by far the worst. The numbers forwarded are for math illiterates, and the only thing making any sense about it is that the idea was originated in the offices of a DUMBO real estate developer.

As this very bad idea tries to push through the system, we recommend that residents here and in the other boroughs reject it with all they've got. We have better options that will be pushed aside for this boondoggle.

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