David Stone
Graffiti bruises The Prow, last month...
Graffiti bruises The Prow, last month...
© David Stone / Roosevelt Island Daily

"We're on it," declared RIOC President/CEO last month when we asked her about the obscenity and racism laden graffiti bruising The Prow, an art installation jutting into the East River along the West Promenade, south of The Octagon. Apparently, being "on it" did not mean doing anything about it.

We wish we could say that our trust in RIOC's attention to Roosevelt Island's community standards is such that we weren't dubious when she added, "We're already discussing graffiti in connection with our Island beautification program."

"Discussing" is bureaucrat code for "not really doing anything."

So, it came as a disappointment, not a surprise, when we checked yesterday and found the same deeply offensive graffiti reported in May still there for all to see, visitors, children, bureaucrats, anyone.

It's hard to imagine the mindset at 591 Main Street that allows overt racism and crude obscenities to linger for a month after it's reported and much longer before that. Anyone paying attention?

But, as is so often true here, this is the downstream affect of a governing body controlled by outsiders, most of whom never wander far past the deli during the workday and exit the Island promptly at 5:00.

Things have worsened since we argued that RIOC Must Go, and with the State agency, controlled by Governor Cuomo from afar, currently hunkered down in bunker mode after its embarrassing battle with the Southpoint cat sanctuary was exposed, it's not likely we'll see improvements soon.

But racist graffiti... Really? Crude obscenities in giant block letters? Come on, RIOC. Anyone can do better than this. 

Remove it, now. Please.