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At PS/IS 217, Rats Are Back

Updated 48 weeks ago David Stone, Frank Farance

Given the school's recent track record, it comes as no surprise that the rats are feeding freely again on poorly handled food trash at Mandana Beckman's PS/IS 217.

 All photos courtesy of Frank Farance

At PS/IS 217, Rats Are Back

An open 30 Cubic Yard container piled high with trash, including food, parked just outside school Principal Mandana Beckman's office.

I guess after generating negative publicity nationwide for New York City and Roosevelt Island, angering local residents and finally getting Mayor Bill de Blasio's attention, most of us expected it to take longer for careless trash handling at PS/IS 217 to bring the rats back.

But after just two months...?

At PS/IS 217, Rats Are Back

Careless handling of waste includes leaving a juicy trail from the school to the dumpster. Now, the rats can find the feast more easily.

At PS/IS 217, Rats Are Back

Holes were quickly chewed through by rats ready to feast on PS/IS 217 negligence.


At PS/IS 217, Rats Are Back

At PS/IS 217, Rats Are Back

Meanwhile, containers the Department of Education came up with to control the waste during the recent rat population explosion wait unused inside the building.

Moral of the story: if you just don't care about this community, you will do pretty much as you damn well please as long as you have a union to protect you and a mayor running for reelection.

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