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Rema Townsend in web series "Silent Cries"
Rema Townsend in web series "Silent Cries"

We may never learn much of the story of how Rema Townsend, a recent college graduate eager and energetic, made her way from Director of the Roosevelt Island Senior Center, under the direction of RISA, to Rema Rozay, grifter, struggling to avoid incarceration for 3 confessed felonies. The sad, infuriating, complicated and dispiriting story may be coming to a head.

A look at Rema Townsend's arrival in Roosevelt Island, a new hire by the Roosevelt Island Senior Center, makes anyone shake her or his head in wonder. How did she get there from there?

This fashionista and business woman Rema Rozay always is the luxury car rental plug in New York City - February 27th, 2018.


Who taught her? Who enabled? Who covered up?

Whatever the answers, Townsend is about to take the brunt of it all on her own shoulders. 

Townsend's excited, ripe with ideas, at the beginning. She's determined to make the Senior Center better, its users more active in healthy and social activities. Fifteen years later, when she's fired in 2016, it's as if a whole different spirit took over, one with different values, goals and - importantly - associates.

Some who knew her along the way say Townsend was genuinely committed to helping seniors, that her conviction never ebbed even as she siphoned money away from the Center for personal use, heartlessly attacked others and ran several other, unrelated businesses under her pseudonym, Rema Rozay.

Others see it very differently..

"She raped and pillaged our Senior Center and got away with it," fumes one, conjuring the image of a Medieval conqueror rapacious with spoils.

While that comment, seasoned in anger, is atypical, stories abound about Townsend's exploiting and manipulating seniors and colleagues. In one gross event, a vengeful Townsend photocopied outrageous accusations against a local resident and posted them up and down Main Street, attempting to destroy a lifetime career.

Crimes, already chronicled here, were committed by Townsend persistently over close to ten years. Each was a blow against the health and welfare of our most vulnerable population, the elderly. The amount taken far exceeds the $14K penalty. That's on the record.

That Townsend's near getting off with what amounts to a hand slap is, for many, a signal that our justice system, including law enforcement, cares more about the rights of criminals than of their victims.

The two Remas are impossible to reconcile, but they are headed into a June climax which may mean jail time or walking free with just a fine.

Emotions are running high as a June date approaches for her next day in court.

A Peculiar Message from Rema

Request for Information Elimination

Hello David Stone,

We are writing this request letter for the removal of negative information present on your website.




Our negative link present on your website (mentioned below) creating negative impression in front of our potential customers. Indeed, this open source information has become a great hurdle for my business. Being a startup business, we require positive reputation to generate our online business.

Now, I just want to request you from the bottom of my heart to please remove this content from your website so that it will not appear in search results. I hope you understand our scenario and help us.

I would be highly grateful for your goodwill.

Thank you so much for your time.

Warm regard

Above is the full context of an email message I received at 2:00 a.m., earlier this week.

There's no signature at the end, and the only way I have to conjecture it's from Townsend is its email address: rema.new@yahoo.com.

Before considering the request, I wanted to know more about the business to which she refers and what information specifically she had problems with. If we published something inaccurate or misleading, we certainly wanted to correct and to do what we could to prevent causing unintentional harm.

We certainly don’t want to interfere with your future success unfairly. Can you please identify the new business to which you refer and what specifically in these news stories is a problem for you? we wrote back.

We did not hear from her again, but we heard plenty from others affected by her.

About Rema Rozay's Businesses

Townsend's trying to raise $14,000 she promised to pay as part of her punishment after pleading guilty to three felonies, last year. Researchers in the public records believe a deal's been made wherein, if she pays up, she'll get off without jail time.

Sources with reliable contacts with the District Attorney say she's halfway there, needing to pull together another $7K before June.

"If and only if," our source was told, "she doesn't come up with the total money in June could she receive a sentence that may include prison."

This sent us and others on a search for whatever work she may be doing to earn a living plus raise funds to avoid time behind bars. Here's a sampling of what we found. (In all instances, she uses the name Rema Rozay, never Townsend.)

She no longer hosts the "bomb parties" that put her in touch with successful rappers and other celebrities, and her online series, Silent Cries, seems to have gone truly silent.

But there could be more as one researcher insists there is. The website mylife.com says this about Townsend, " Rema Nichele Townsend, Remanichele Townsend, Rema-niche Townsend, Rema N Townsend, Rema N Towsend, Rena Townsend, Rema-nichele Townsend, Remaniche Townsend."

Those are all in addition to Rema Rozay.

That website says she now earns between $20 and $29 thousand a year, a far cry from former earnings that yielded enough to let her drive to work in a Bentley.

But then, there's this posted just two months ago.


 Sometimes, you wonder, will the real Rema please stand up?