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Interpretation: RIOC's Head-Scratcher Advisory

Updated 49 weeks ago
Interpretation: RIOC's Head-Scratcher Advisory

Maybe it was just corporate fatigue after another busy week of spending the public's money, but RIOC may have set a new record for loopy communications, late Friday. We'll include our interpretation, but the only thing we know for sure is that Public Information Officer Alonza Robertson did not write or approve it. Why it was released on such short notice, after hours, is anyone's guess.

Here is it, in full:

Beginning Monday, 4/9/18 through Thursday, 4/12/18, each night from 8PM to 4AM, due to roadwork on the East roadway between Tram Rd and North Loop Rd, there will be NO Q102 or Red Bus Service going South of the Tram. All buses will proceed North bound at the Tram turn around.

Passenger vehicles will still be allowed to utilize the East Roadway going South of the Tram and are requested to exercise extreme caution while traveling through the construction area.

You won't find anything about this on RIOC's all-new website, but if you click "Local," you can learn about a sewage discharge in Albany.

And, no, we've never heard of "Tram Rd," either. Nor is there any contact information, should you have a question.

As a public service, we've decided to rewrite this announcement in English:

Monday, April 9th, thru Thursday, April 12th, there will be no Red Bus or MTA Q102 service south of the Tram, from 8:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. Other vehicles should use caution as roadwork will be taking place in the area near Sportspark.

Please contact the Public Safety Department (212-832-4545), if you have any questions.

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