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High Community Interests Cause RIOC To Relocate Board Meetings

Updated 41 weeks ago
RIOC's New Facilities Department Location at 680 Main Street
RIOC's New Facilities Department Location at 680 Main Street
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With a pair of controversial issues set to be resolved next week, both likely to draw larger than usual attendance to committee and full Board Meetings, RIOC has moved off the usual locations " more comfortably accommodate the committee members, the public and staff," according to Public Information Officer Alonza Robertson.

Tuesday's committee meetings for Operations (5:30 p.m.) and Real Estate Development (6:30 p.m.), open to the public, will be held at RIOC's newly built Facilities Management Offices at 680 Main Street, a new address to most of us as well as Google Maps.

To get to 680 Main, navigate the pigeon poop challenged breezeway past Gristedes's entrance and the Queens side of the East River. Then, go left. You can't miss the main public entrance directly under Motorgate.

The Operations Committee will be considering a modification to Gallery RIVAA's Public Purpose Fund Grant as well as an award to the Roosevelt Island Youth Program for managing the Youth Center. The Youth Center discussion is expected to be taken in "executive session," meaning the public and media will be asked to leave while sensitive information is on the table.

In the Real Estate Advisory Committee, a decision on the future of the widely unloved "RI Welcome Monument," a pair of nine-foot, red Helvetica fonts that a majority of residents who've spoken up consider more eyesore than attraction, is expected to be decided.

Finally, the full RIOC Board Meeting on Thursday, which takes on all of the above issues and more, is relocated to the Manhattan Park Community Center (also known as the Theatre Club for reasons lost in the mists of time) at 8 River Road. January's Board Meeting, which ended in chaos, drew a full house. Tensions have remained high, and high resident turnout is anticipated again.


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