David Stone
RIOC's in-your-face competition for sparse ad revenue.
RIOC's in-your-face competition for sparse ad revenue.

RIOC's decision to "decorate" Main Street with advertising angered residents on Facebook. Comments ranged from "Ugh" to "So sad." The move comes one year after the community's longest surviving news source shut down, unable to land enough ad revenue to survive. RIOC leans on local media to spread the word for their activities and promotions, but always, it's for freebies. They never spend a dime on advertising. Now, they're taking it away from local news sources like The Daily.

It's not unprecedented.

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In years past, unhappy with media criticism, RIOC started their own print newspaper. It folded soon as the State agency discovered it wasn't as easy as it looks.

This adds to a long history of contempt for resident values and thin-skinned overreaction to reporting.

RIOC's prominent banners are akin to giant billboards in suburbia, in your face, and they shove aside banners that once promoted community values.

So, RIOC, the gang that can't control bicycle abuses and turns jelly-kneed in front of real estate developers, throws a punch at local businesses who work day and night to inform residents outside the loop of RIOC-speak.

Say, "Hello" to RIOC's anything for a buck vision for Roosevelt Island.