Roy Magsisi Fired Without Notice

RIOC Youth Center Purge Continues

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In happier days at the Roosevelt Island Youth Center, RIYP kids celebrated SACC registration for their programs.
In happier days at the Roosevelt Island Youth Center, RIYP kids celebrated SACC registration for their programs.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation Vice President Shelton Haynes has fired Roy Magsisi, an employee held over from the 40 year old RI Youth Program RIOC crushed last month along with its popular Executive Director Charlie DeFino, The Daily learned through a reliable third party. Magsisi reached out with an emotional farewell to the community.

Through the third party, Magsisi confirmed that the firing was handled by Haynes and his assistant Mary Cuneen.

Asked if Haynes and Cuneen offered any reason for his dismissal, Magsisi answered, "No, they didn't. Just said, 'We are moving in a different direction.'"

That's the evasive employer version of "It's not you, it's me," absent veracity or, as is usual with RIOC, transparency.

RIOC did not issue a public statement about the incident.

Magsisi sent the following group email, following his dismissal...

Parents, Guardians, Participants and Friends,

I regret to inform you all that I have been terminated from my position at the Youth Center with RIOC, effective immediately.

It has been a remarkable and humbling experience serving the youth community of Roosevelt Island. I have seen many of them grow (so quickly!) in the past 5 years. Meanwhile, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many of your younger children. The children, YOUR children give me so much hope for the future of the community, the Island and our society.

Unfortunately, the Piano classes and SAT Prep classes are suspended indefinitely.

I feel so terribly disappointed - in myself. I've let you all down. For that, I am so sorry and I will regret not doing or fighting enough.

My contact information is below if you ever want to reach out. I'll be on the Island every once in a while.

Plus, I also just bought a condo on the beach in the Rockaways. If you ever want to stop by and relax on the beach this summer, let me know!

Thank you and best regards,
Roy Magsisi


Magsisi worked with DeFino for 5 years and was kept on with other RIYP staff when RIOC teamed with PS/IS 217 to establish two "separate, but equal" youth programs on Roosevelt Island.

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