2018 New Flyer XD40s Arrive

New Buses Upgrade RIOC'S Red Fleet

Updated 32 weeks ago
2018 New Flyer XD40 Red Buses
2018 New Flyer XD40 Red Buses
Photo courtesy of RIOC

“We can’t wait to put them on the road,” said RIOC Motor Pool Supervisor Joe Marino. What's he talking about?

Marino's enthusiasm is over two 2018 New Flyer XD40s with Cummins ISL straight-6, clean-air diesel engines RIOC's entering into its fleet, this week.

Completing registrations, inspections and downloading information on the destination signs are the only steps still needed before putting them in circulation.

"The buses - which were driven and delivered directly from New Flyer Industries Inc.’s St Cloud, Minnesota manufacturing plant - are 40-feet long, can hold up to 60 'customers,' and are expected to make their first trips later this week," says RIOC. 

"Roosevelt Island’s very first public transit vehicles, that debuted in 1974, were noiseless, fumeless battery-operated minibuses that cost $10,000 apiece. Today’s Red Bus fleet, of eight, are a mixture of diesel/electric hybrids and clean-air diesels that cost $438,000 each," a press release adds.

The buses are expected to last up to 12 years.

“We do all the vehicle maintenance here at the Bus Garage on the Island,” Marino says, “oil changes, brakes, engine repairs and minor body work from road damage.”

Based on seniority, the operators privileged to drive the buses’ first Island routes are Angel Tinoco, a 24-year veteran and Edwin DeLeon, 11-years.

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