David Stone
RIOC To Crack Down on E-Bike Traffic Violations
RIOC yesterday announced an action plan for curtailing e-bike traffic violations that have been rampant on Roosevelt Island. "PSD is going to be dropping this letter (see above) off to all of the delivery businesses on the Island, starting today," a RIOC spokesperson told The Daily

"PSD is also going to be keeping a closer eye on vehicles that run stop signs as we know it has become a concern on the island," RIOC continued. "As an added measure, all RIOC employees have been reminded to obey all traffic signs."

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While PSD will focus on a wide range of traffic violations, including bikes powered by muscle as well as batteries and cars, e-bikes, primarily operated by food delivery workers, are responsible for the worst hazards.

We've observed and recorded them consistently running stop signs, speeding through crosswalks and racing along sidewalks.

Now, RIOC's Public Safety Department is cracking down. Their announcement "summonses will be issued" should put a damper on the freewheeling e-bikers.