RIOC Assures Roosevelt Island Residents

RIOC Response to Today’s Terrorist Incident

Roosevelt Island Subway Station
Roosevelt Island Subway Station
© David Stone / Roosevelt island Daily

In the aftermath of today's terrorist bombing near the Port Authority, RIOC Public Safety Director John McManus reached out to remind Roosevelt Islanders that his department is committed to safety. Here's his message to residents and visitors.

by John McManus

At approximately 7:30 a.m. this date, an individual strapped with an explosive device caused an explosion to occur within the confines of the Port Authority Bus Terminal causing injury to himself and several commuters. The individual was taken into custody by several Port Authority Police Officers.

I’d like to offer a few words on safety as it pertains to transportation modalities on Roosevelt Island. Both tram stations are under constant video surveillance twenty four hours a day seven days a week by the NYPD. Tram employees are able to contact the RIOC Public Safety Department immediately if suspicious activity is either observed or brought to the attention of Tram Employees.  

Similarly, RIOC Bus Drivers are able to instantaneously notify PSD via portable radio if suspicious activity is observed or brought to their attention. The MTA has a robust security and safety program for NYC’s Subway and Bus systems. PSD is linked up with the NYPD’s Transit Police Bureau and regularly share information with same.

Additionally, our Ferry Terminal is under 24/7 Video Surveillance and PSD is connected to the Ferry’s 24/7 Operations Center in the event of an emergency. 

As individuals, we can all help by contacting the NYPD’s Counterterrorism Hotline at 888-NYC-Safe if we observe suspicious activity either on or off Roosevelt Island.

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