RIOC Red Bus
RIOC Red Bus
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Details are sketchy so far, but RIOC's Public Safety Department Desk Sargent reached out to the community late last night, seeking witnesses to "an alleged assault with pepper spray which may have occurred on a RIOC Red Bus in front of the F Train Station at or around 9:45pm Tuesday May 14th 2019."

UPDATED May 15th, 3:30 P.M.: According to PSD officials, this incident between a male and female who do not know each other started with a feud on the subway and carried up to the Red Bus. After warning other passengers to stand back, the female maced the male. Details on the context of the dispute are not known at this time. However, witnesses have come forward, and PSD is continuing to investigate.

Were you a witness or do you otherwise have any information that may be helpful? If so, PSD wants to hear from you.

"Anyone with information in regards to this alleged assault is encouraged to contact the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department by phone at 212-832-4545 or in person at 550 Main Street," PSD said in a bulletin.

"All information provided will be handled with the utmost confidentiality," they added.

We will try to uncover more information today.