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RIOC To Announce Abandoned Bike Policy

Updated 27 weeks ago
RIOC plans policy to deal with abandoned bikes like this one.
RIOC plans policy to deal with abandoned bikes like this one.

After complaints from Daily reader Eduardo Jany sparked action by RIOC Public Safety Chief Jack McManus to deal with abandoned bikes taking up limited space on public racks, we reported his promise to canvas the Island to assess violations and pursue solutions. Working with Public Information Officer Alonza Robertson, McManus fulfills that promise as  RIOC readies a formal policy to be announced this month.

On Friday, Robertson released a preliminary view:

A new policy to rid Roosevelt Island of old, rusty bicycles chained to streetlights, street signs and public bikes racks is set to be unveiled this month, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) said Friday.

RIOC To Announce Abandoned Bike Policy

The Unusable Bike Policy will apply to any bicycle publicly chained that:

  • Appears to be crushed or not otherwise usable
  • Missing essential parts such as handlebars, pedals, rear wheel or bicycle chain
  • The handlebars, pedals, spokes, frames or rimes are damaged or bent
  • 50 percent or more the bike is rusted, which includes parts like the frame, handlebars, pedals, and bike chain

The actual process will go as follow:

  • Once a month, PSD would survey the island for any unusable bikes
  • Any bike that fits the criteria will be pictured, tagged, removed (with RIOC Grounds/ Maintenance assistance), then brought to the Warehouse for temporary storage
  • After two weeks in RIOC’s custody, if no one claims the bike, it will be discarded.
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