Results Worse Than Expected for Roosevelt Island Seniors Association

Poll Finds Scant Support for RIOC Giving RISA Public Money

David Stone
Poll Finds Scant Support for RIOC Giving RISA Public Money
© David Stone / Roosevelt Island Daily

In light of the controversy over RIOC's agreeing to give the Roosevelt Island Seniors Association cash out Public Purpose Funds, we decided to ask the community to share their opinions. Anyone and everyone was invited to vote. The results shocked even those of us who were heartened by the response.

In All Fairness

Because we have been outspoken in our criticism of RISA and RIOC's decision to fund them, the Roosevelt Island Daily took steps to be as fair as possible.

  • We did not promote the poll on our news site, treating it as any other story, nor did we link to it from any other story.
  • The poll was promoted for its duration in our daily news alerts and updates, on a mailing list that did not originate with The Daily. It's a list compiled from residents who wanted to receive community alerts from the former Main Street WIRE but was abandoned by Dick Lutz when he wanted to retire and his successor editors weren't interested in continuing the service. Our active list is roughly 90% subscribers who started out with the WIRE.
  • We also posted notices about the poll on the Facebook Roosevelt Island Community Page and Roosevelt Island Seniors. None of the members of either page were enrolled by The Daily or from any promotion or link provided by us.
  • Although we were aware of recent efforts by RISA to portray their group as victimized and their being given free, positive and unquestioning coverage in other local media, we did not refer to that or our own coverage in the poll itself.

Even so, we are willing to assume that some bias may have slipped in to the polling. We are not so willing to assume it was enough to counterbalance overwhelmingly supportive coverage given RISA multiple times elsewhere.

The Results

The most startling of the results in our poll was that not a single voter checked off on: "Yes, RIOC should give RISA the money they've requested."

In other words, not a single voter was willing to stand with RIOC's decision to give RISA Public Purpose Funds.

Winning the most support, 68% of voters, was this choice: "No, RIOC should withhold the money and put it to other uses."

The remaining voters were "Not sure."

While our poll was not scientific, it was an honest public opinion poll that reflects the sentiment of everyone who cared enough about the issue to take a minute or two to vote on it. 

A result this overwhelming is meaningful, regardless of any other considerations.

No doubt, Roosevelt Islanders who don't like the result will try to palm it off as "blog stuff."

Be that as it may, responsible residents and officials responsible for distributing Public Purpose Funds will take notice.

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