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Comments No Longer Allowed on Articles at The Daily

David Stone

Shortly after launching The Daily, we made a decision to welcome comments from readers as a way to stimulate broader community awareness, but experience has convinced us that it was not the right decision. Commenting has been turned off site-wide.

For most of the last year, only an occasional inappropriate comment required attention, although every one of them required review and took away from time spent on other things.

That was fine until a month ago when an aggressive group of trolls associating themselves with our competitor, the Main Street WIRE, peppered one article with racist as well as gender and age biased comments. Banning them seemed to work, temporarily.

But more recently, a small number of readers have chosen to aggressively attack articles and individuals mentioned - and sometimes not even mentioned - in them with little regard to the respect we expect everyone to practice in our community or for factual accuracy. 

We're happy to take positions that don't please everyone here, but slander, name-calling and unsubstantiated accusations against anyone are not going to fly.

Last evening, a single individual proved to us that even a restricted policy for comments invited abuse. When comments we found inappropriate were deleted, she pounced on articles throughout the site and posted numerous taunting remarks about an individual with whom she has had historical issues.

We just don't have the time to deal with childish behavior and now see the huge potential for having to manage it in the future. Commenting has been permanently closed on The Daily.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to submit OpEd type material as well as articles for publication. We welcome them but will, as we always have, edit for readability and accuracy. Please send ideas or finished items to me at

We apologize for taking a step that denies some people who enjoy commenting a privilege they never abused. But we can't both publish daily news updates and features while simultaneously finding time to monitor an option shown to be so ripe for abuse. There just aren't enough hours in the the day.

Thank you for your consideration.

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